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Last Upated: 2 AUGUST 2010
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LONG TALL SHORTY - kick out the shams CD/LP
This is the aggressive 2nd album in less than one year and shows the band in top form.
With his very angry and wry lyrics frontman Tony Perfect is the same insurgent as in 78 .
Disputable album ?
Maybe, but LTS prove that passion, honesty and integrity are still valid reasons for making music.
This 16 songs are a cocktail of power pop , Mod and melodic punk. Produced , mixed and mastered by Pat Collier ( ex- Vibrators , Boyfriends).
So LTS dont stand still or rest in their laurels, they don..t wallow in nostalgie. This is the new sound..... its Giffer...KICK OUT THE SHAMS....

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31 JULY 2010
THE UNDERTONES + BUZZCOCKS @ Sélestat-LézArts Scéniques - France

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My heart is on the street


Welcome to The ModPopPunk Archives!
This web site feature PowerPop - Punk Rock - Mod Revival bands biographies, discographies...
The bands listed here were active between mid 70s to mid 80s .
Please don't hesitate to email me any additional informations about the bands listed...


THE BITE "In my town " CD debut album is now out . In my 2010 Top 10! 100% mod/punk music from Spain.

THE CHORDS (original line-up) are back!! 19 August @ Ivory Blacks, Glagow, Scotland - 21 August @ The Garage, London, UK.

The 'long lost' un-released TONIGHT album from 1978, is finally arriving! it will be a September 2010 release, called 'Drummerman' with 12 songs, most of the songs never heard by the general public.

The Diodes, Canada's legendary punk pioneers, are back for their first tour in over 30 years with their original 1977 line-up of Paul Robinson (vocals), John Catto (guitars), Ian Mackay (bass) and John Hamilton (drums). They are celebrating the release of a new vinyl-only album.

021, Birmingham UK's Original Punk Mod band have a new album out all unreleased matrerials from 1980's.


This French punk band are back with a new singer and a new EP "Retour au front". In my opinion one of the best french punk rock gang in 2010 .

BORED TEENAGERS "Volume 5 " CD /LP Bin Liner Records
The vinyl version features 16 tracks while the CD version boasts 27 tracks. As always, the vinyl version is limited to just 500 copies and come with it's booklet with rare band photos and information.

New Hearts' first ever CD called" A Secret Affair' include those two singles plus 19 other recordings from the period, plus three pre-CBS demos from ‘76.

Purple Hearts ' Mod Singles Collection CD (Captain Mod) is first ever compilation gathering together every A and B side issued by Mod Revival legends The Purple Hearts. Plus 4 tracks never previously issued on CD before.

Cherry Red is now taking Advanced Orders on 'Best Seat In The House - the Cock Sparrer Story'. All mail order customers who order the book before 31/12/09 will have their name included in the book's "Friends of Cock Sparrer" section and receive the book in advance of its official publication.

A must-have item for the Dwight Twilley fan, this is a LIMITED EDITION, personally signed, numbered edition of Dwight's new album "Out Of The Box". This edition includes special Limited Edition artwork and personally autographed by Dwight Twilley himself.

Department S return with a four-track EP featuring Wonderful Day, the latest from the band’s songwriting team Eddie Roxy and Michael Herbage. Alongside original drummer Stuart Mizon on this recording is punk rock royalty - Glen Matlock (the original Pistol) on bass and Marco Pirroni (Adam Ant’s right-hand man) on guitar.

Graet e Breizh / Made In Brittany
1999 / 2010

For helped or supported along the way, I would like to express my gratitude to:
Andy (Search&Destroy), Alun(from Wales), André(from Portugal), Abdella (from France), Ada (Strangeways), Adam (Exploding Hearts) RIP , Andy(Zipper), Bart( Manual Scan), Alfred (Twist & Shout), Bobby & Rich (Pleazer), Boni & Vero (The Veros), Brian (BackToZero), Brian (Rudi), Brian (The Shapes), Brice (Zipper), Carl (The Magnets), Chuck (Hyped2Death), Brett & Chris (The Chords), Daisule(Wizzard In Vinyl), Dan(Demics), Dave (Sham 69), Dave (What/Exit), Dave(Vipers), Den(Pencils), Dom P., Ed(The Rudies), Eric (Paris,Fr), Elvera from Dublin (Reekus Rds), Frédéric F, Freddie(The Explosives), Gareth(The Shapes), Gavin(Private Dicks), George(The Carpettes), Gerry, Austin & Jackie(The Moondogs), Hakan (Bruset), Hervé (Floo Flash), Howard (The Marbles), Ian(The Name), Ian(The Scene), Ian Dunster(Uk), Jack(The Boys), James(The 45s), Jamie(Untamed Youth), Jan (The Moderns), Jean Marc Vos, Jean-Luc Roujou, Jordi (from Spain), Joe D. (from Belfast), Jeff(from USA), Jeff(Purple Hearts), John(Overground Rds), John(The Zipps), Joe(Defiant Pose), Joey(Silly Boys), Jonathan(Paley Brothers), Jeremy(Barracudas), Jerry(The Toys), Joe(The Go), Juluis(from Holland), Jump Up! Rds, Ken(The Vipers), Kidder (Incr. Kidda Band), Klas(Protectors), Larry (Phonz), Laurent L. (from Brittany), LastYear'sYouth Rds(Joe), Lukas(The Movement), Luke & Aude (from Eire and Brittany), Maks(Dolbies), Mark(Knife Edge), Marco (Blind Alley), Mark(The Lambrettas), Mitch(Rattlers), Matthew Kaplan, Müllja(from Berlin), Mike (The Stripes), Mickey & John (Undertones), Neil(The Flys), Nestor (Detroit,USA), Nick (The Pleasers), Norman (Famous Players) Pär(Vapors website), Paul(G Squad), Paul(Tearjerkers), Paul (Starjets) , Peter(Heartbreak), Pete(Negatives), Phil(The Stiffs), Pilon (Paris,Fr), Pierre (Les Désaxés), Ralf(Die Profis), Ramona(Dizzy&Romilar), Raf (GuerillaFront), Régis "Lagouille" (from France), Régis R. (France), René (De Cylinders) Richard(The Diodes), Richard(Ail Symudiad), Richard (Tours), Rick(The Jam), Rob(Little Murders), Robbie(Speedometers), Roger (The Pop), Sean and Guy(from Ulster), Shanne(TheNips), Stephen(Nightriders), Steve(Distractions), Steve(Boys website), Steve(LowDownKids), Steve(The Now), Stuart(Fast Cars), Ted (Stanbys), Terry(SlowGuns), Tim(Pylons), Tim (XL Capris), Todd(Impossible years), Tom(Atlantics), Tony(Strange Movments), Tony&Fabie(Guilty Rds), Tony (LTS), Vincent(Brigade Choc), Yann & Patrick (from Brittany), Yoshisato(The Badge website)......